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Welcome To My Journey Of What It Means To Train To Be Strong When We're Suppose To Be Weak! #LionUp

Currently, I'm 40 Years Into This Journey "Man" Calls Life! Factually, It Hasn't Become Any Easier; I've Just Grown Stronger Over-Time. Surprisingly, Instead Of Aging Like The Typical Human-Being; I'm Actually In The Best Shape Of My Life: Mentally, Spiritually & Physically At My Oldest! Based On My Current Daily Workload; Even If I Reduce My Efforts By 75%, I'd Still Perform Better Than Most Humans On Planet Earth. Thank Each Of You For Stopping By; Know I Value You Because Time Is Something No One Can Get Back. I'm Actually Here To Help Each Of You Become The Best Version Of Yourself - What You Do With This Commitment Of Mine Is Totally Up To You! If You Have Any Questions About Anything - You Can Find Me In The Trenches! Pressure Is What I Live For.... #GodBless Each Of You!!!!

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Thank for you for sharing your unique, rare and awesome point of view.

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