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At Prolongevity Fitness, We Focus More On Improving Your Mental & Spiritual Fortitude & Less On The Physical Aspects Of Training. We Strongly Believe In This Style Of Training Because The Body Can't Go Where The Mind Isn't Willing To Take It. Simply Put, If I Can Change The Way A Man/Woman Thinks; I Can Change Who & What He/She Becomes. Therefore, If I Can Change How You See Yourself Mentally & Spiritually - Physical Greatness Becomes Part Of The Process; Not The End Goal!


Performance Specific Training Plans

Here At Prolongevity Fitness, We Are Not Your Average Trainers! We Are Natural Athletes; Not Just Someone Who Picked Up A Book & Decided To Be Your Coach!!


Growth/Progress Driven Training Plans

Here At Prolongevity Fitness, We Teach You That Actions Taken Today, Does Nothing For Today! The Actions Taken Today; Specifically Puts Your Future Self In A Position To Win. Therefore, Daily Choices Are Crucial For Future Success!


Goal Specific Eating Plans

Here At Prolongevity Fitness, We Teach You How To Eat To Live; Dropping The Living To Eat Mentality! This Lifestyle Truly Takes A Different Focus!


16811 Jelly Park Stone Dr. Cypress, Texas 77429


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