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When We Build Them; They Will Perform!!!

Episode 33: In-Home Sauna Review!!! Check Out The Entire Video On Our YouTube Channel "The Lion Experience" Link Follows 

FAQ: Welcome

How do I apply to #ProlongevityFitness programs?

Simple, Send An Email With Your Desired Goals - After Review - A Team Member Will Contact You To Discuss Setting Up Your Consultation!

What type of #ProlongevityFitness training programs are available?

The Founder, Antonio Gillespie, Fasted For 7 Days (No Food -Water Only) & Ran 30 Miles On The 7th Day! Trust Us; We're Not Just Trained To Go - We're Coded To Get The Job Done At All Costs!

How much does each #ProlongevityFitness training program cost?

Program Costs Vary Depending On Each Client's Goals; Therefore, We Can Be Extremely Sports Specific, Extremely Performance Specific and/or Extremely Muscle/Fat Loss/Gain Strength/Endurance Mind/Body/Spirit Specific As You Like!

What if I am not satisfied with #ProlongevityFitness?

Here At Prolongevity Fitness, We Believe Everyone Deserves A Fair Chance At Becoming The Best Versions Of Themselves. Moreover, We Know Our Type Of Training Isn't For Everyone; Therefore, We Give All Clients A Sufficient Amount Of Time During The Consultation To Ask Questions That Will Help Them Choose Prolongevity Fitness Over Any Other Fitness Organization!

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