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14 Day Fast Completed 🧘‍♂️ No Food

So, My 14 Day Fast Ended On My Birthday 🥳 September 2nd 👑 I Have A Documentary/Video I’m Putting Together For My YouTube Channel “The Lion Experience“ To Sum This All The Way Up, The 14 Days Was Extremely Easy For Me - I Had A Struggle During About Day 9 - I Figured I Would Because My Longest Fast Before This 14 Day Fast Was 8 Days But My Body Adapted Extremely Fast!!! After Day 9, I Didn’t Face Any Other Difficulties Through The 14 Days. My Digestive System Never Took A Hit During Or After My Fast. What Most People Don’t Understand, When You Place The Mind & Body Under Extreme Levels Of Stress - Fasting Becomes 2-3 Times Easier Because Fasting Is More About The Strength Of Ones Mind & Less About Not Eating… What Humans Must Realize, Our Mind Is What Control The Decisions That We Make Each Day 😮‍💨 If You Have A Hard Time Controlling When & What You Eat - You Have A Weak! So Focus 🧘‍♂️ On Strengthening Your Mind & Watch How Your Entire Life Shift For The Better - Youtube Video Is Dropping Soon 🔜 Stay On Look Out - God Bless Each Of You 🙏🏾 Let‘s Go 😤

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