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14 Of 15 Back To Back 48 Hour Fasts The Entire Month Of October 🧘‍♂️ Running 6+ Miles Daily!!

I’m Currently Approaching My Final Rotation Of My Back To Back 48 Hour Fasts For The Month Of October. I Have Exactly One More Rotation Remaining And I Feel Amazing. Furthermore, I Haven’t Only Been Fasting For The Month Of October; I’m On Day 27 Of Running No Less 6 Miles Daily & Consuming No Alcohol! My Body, Mind & Spirit Have All Shifted For The Best. I Can Totally Feel That I Have More Control Over Mind Which Means That I’m Prepared To Face Even Greater Beasts In The Future! This Entire Process Has Helped My Drastically Improve My Overall Discipline Which Means I Can Effortlessly Stick To My Commitments; Resulting In Even More Insane Gainz In The Future… If You’ve Read This Far - Then I Need You To Know - Write That Book, Tell That Person That You Love Them, Start That Business, Do Whatever It Is That Gets You Excited Daily!!! Trust Me!!! There Are People Throughout The World Waiting To Support You #GodBlessYou

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