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15 Of 15 Back To Back 48 Hour Fasts The Entire Month Of October 🧘‍♂️ Running 6+ Miles Daily Done

Good Morning, I Hope Everyone Is Having An Amazing Day. I Just Wanted To Update You Guys. Last Month, I Completed My 15 Back To Back 48 Hour Fasts & It Felt Amazing. From Start To Finish, Over The Entire 30 Day Period; I Became Leaner, Stronger, Faster, More Enduranced & Most Of All My Mental Fortitude Hit New Levels!!! Actually, I Tested My New Base Level For Conditioning & I Was Able To Complete A 12 Hour Walk On Day 31 With Zero Training Which Is Pretty Amazing! Factually, I Can Directly Link This Capability To My Ability To Fast At Extreme Levels… Knowing That It Took Me Months To Train For My 50 Mile Race That Took Me 10 Hours 52 Minutes, Not Training For My 12 Hour Walk Yet Still Completing It Is Insane. It Was Challenging Only Because I Had Minimal Fuel; Nonetheless, I Loved Every Minute Of It. Currently I’m On My 4th Fasting Ladder Of November & Yet Again My Growth Is Progressing Catastrophically!! #GodBlessYou

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