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Back To Back 48 Hour Fasts The Entire Month Of October 🧘‍♂️ Running No Less Than 6 Miles Daily!!

Currently, I‘m On My 3rd Rotation Of Back To Back 48 Hour Fasts For The Month Of October. The 1st Rotation Was Challenging Because The Mind, Body & Spirit Has To Readapt To The New Levels Of Stress Caused By Fasting!! Knowing This - Allows Me To Truly Enjoy The Process, Giving Me The Greatest Odds Of Becoming My Best. I Say This Because Most People Forget, We Are More Likely To Give Up When We Are Not Prepared For The Unknown. Nonetheless, I’ve Been Fasting For About 10 Years Now & Just Like Anything In Life - I Will Face Many Ups & Downs During My Fast But I Won’t Allow The Storms To Break Me. The Struggle Stages Will Build Me Up The Most; Therefore, I Will Welcome Them With Open Arms… If You’ve Read This Far - Then I Need You To Know - Write That Book, Tell That Person That You Love Them, Start That Business, Do Whatever It Is That Gets You Excited Daily!!! Trust Me!!! There Are People Throughout The World Waiting To Support You #GodBlessYou

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