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Black History Month Challenge (Let’s Go)

In Honor Of Black History Month - My Ancestors Who Died For Me To Be Free - I Am Challenging Myself To Treat My Mind, Body & Spirit As The King God Created Me To Be!! I’ll Drink Only Water & Eat Only Whole Plant-Based Foods 🥷 Remember, The Physical Body Only Grows If The Mind Grows 🧘‍♂️ Challenging Myself Mentally, Physically & Spiritually Over The Past 10+ Years Has Mandated Me To Stay On The Path Of Longevity 😤😤 Many Have Doubted Me But As Long As I Believe In Myself & Stay Close To God 🗣 Nothing Or NoOne Will Be Able To Curse What God Has Already Blessed 😊 If Evolving Is Something That You Desire Then This Is Your Sign 🤴 Let’s Goooooooooo 🦅 The Goal Is To Keep Rising Higher 🧘‍♂️ Treat Your Mind, Body & Spirit Better 🥷 They Deserve!!!!!

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