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Class Of 2021 - Antonio A. Gillespie II "AJ"

First, I Would Like To Pay Homage To All The Gillespie's That Came Before My Son & I. Each One Of You Paved The Way For Us To Be Able To Make It This Far. What Each Of You Attempted, Yet Failed; My Son "AJ" & I Were Able To Complete. My Son & I Are The First Father/Son Gillespie Duo To Graduate Highschool & Attend College. Finally, We Have Broken A Generational Curse That Has Crippled Our Blood-Line For Centuries. My Mom, Mary Gillespie, Would Be So Proud Right Now - May She Rest In Power. One Of My Life Long Goals In Life Was To Show My Mom That She Was Right About Everything She Thought About Me. She Knew, From The Time I Was Born, That I Would Become Everything That Everyone Thought I Couldn't Become. I Always Saw Myself As Royalty; Therefore, My Mom Was Always Royalty, As Well. The People In Her Circle; Somehow, Led Her To Believe Different. During The Time I Was Growing Up As A Child, I Never Allowed This To Break Me Or Shake Me! I Always Knew That I Would Make It In Life; Only Because I Knew That I Was Willing To Put In The Work. Furthermore, I Had To Ensure My First Born Was Just As Successful, As I Have Become. To Ensure That Each Of My Children Would Follow In My Footsteps, I Had To Become A Great Leader. A Great Leader Is Someone Who Leads By Example And Who Isn't Afraid To Go Or Be The First. Because I Am Someone Who Exemplify These Characteristics, My Son "Antonio A. Gillespie II" Graduated From The Smartest Highschool In The Houston, Texas School District With A 4.8 GPA. Furthermore, He's Attending Sam Houston University With A Major In Interior Design. In Conclusion, I Want Say That I Am So So So So Proud Of My Son And I Pray That God Continues To Give Him Favor Throughout This Journey We Call Life... AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!! P.S. I'm Still In Shock Right Now!!! I Can't Believe 18 Years Have Come And Gone So Fast!!!!

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