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Just Another Day To Fall In Love With The Grind

Currently, I'm Just Sitting Here Thanking God For All The Roads He's Carried Me Down Throughout My Life!! I Thank Him The Most For Carrying Me The Most During My Darkest Days Because These Are The Days That Giving Up Would Be The Easiest. Even Though Giving Up Would Be Easy; Guess What; Its Not In Me To Quit Or Call It Quits! What Most People Fail To Realize; It Doesn't Matter What You Do In Life: If You Don't Love It - You're Going To Give Up When Times Get Difficult. Factually, This Is Why I Do My Best To Fall In Love With The Grind Each Day I Wake Up! Loving The Grind Today Has Nothing To Do With Loving The Grind Tomorrow; When I Wake Up Tomorrow - To Ensure I Don't Give Up When The Session Gets Tough, I Must Fall In Love With The Grind Again. So If You're Reading This Blog - My Message To You; To Become Something Or Somebody Great - You Must Possess The Ability To Fall In Love With Your Grind Each Day You Wake Up Because The Day You Stop Loving The Grind Is The Day You Quit When Situations Begin To Get Critical. God Bless Each Of You...

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