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My 14 Day Fast Starts In 5 Days

First, I Would Like To Say - I'll Never Doubt My Ability Because I've Been Training For These 14 Days For An Entire Year, Now. To Be 1000% Honest, I've Been Training For These 2 Weeks For The Past 10 Years. For Me, These 14 Days Will Be A Moment In Time Where I Show Myself That I Am No Longer The Same Beast I Used To Be. 14 Days!!!!!!!! 14 Days!!!!!!!! I'm Sure Many People Will Wonder "Am I Capable Of Completing This Ultimate Task Of Mine". Let Me Be The One To Tell You, I Know This Will Be Extremely Difficult - I Know That This Will Be Extremely Hard!!!! I Didn't Choose A Task To Show Myself That I've Transformed Into Something That Is Completely If It Was Indeed Easy. I'm Prepared To Look Death In The Eyes And Tell It That It Isn't Welcome Here. Literally, I'm Prepared To Die Showing Myself That I Am No Longer Who Or What I Used To Be. I'm Not Afraid Because I Am Thoroughly Prepared To Defeat This Beast!! I Plan On Making Like A Documentary On My Experience During My 14 Days Of Fasting... Stay On The Look Out Because I'm About To Lock All The Way In And Once This 14 Day Fast Is Over - I Will No Longer Be The Same Person I Used Go Be.... God Bless Each Of You!!!!!

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