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The Show Must Go On!!!

At Some Point In Our Lives, We Must Realize That Most People Who Start With Us; They Won't Finish With Us. To Make Matters Worse, They Choose Not To Finish With Us Because They Lack The Will Power To Persevere When Treacherous Storms Show Up. Furthermore, On Our Journey To The Top; Know That We Can't Save Everybody! Understand, We Can't Keep Turning Around Trying To Save People Who Do Not Have The Desire To Be Saved By Us. Surprisingly, This Prevents Us From Completing The Mission God Has Assigned To Us; Moreover, It Allows The Tainted Ways Of These Irresponsible People To Be Carried Over Onto Our Mountain Top. In The End, With Or Without Them; The Show Must Go On.... Keep Going!!! You'll Figure It Out... #GodBless Each Of You!!!!

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